Some Notable Shelleys

Not all Shelleys are dead. What follows is my eclectic list of prominent Shelleys around today. Some are pure Shelleys; some are adopted names. Below that list you will find some of the noted Shelleys from the past.

Alan Shelley runs an antiquarian bookshop in Lewes, Sussex.

Alex Shelley (born Alex Martin) is an American professional wrestler, best known by his ring name Alex Shelley.

Arlo Shelley has been a park ranger and tour guide at the American Fork canyon in Utah.  He retired in 2007 after taking people on tours of Timpanogos Cave for fifty seven summers.

Arthur Shelley is co-owner and director of Berts Soft Drinks, based in south Sydney.

Ben Shelley of the To'ahecdimii clan is vice president of the Navajo Nation.

Bruce Shelley from Michigan has been designing computer games since 1980. He worked with Maier for five years, co-designing such classics as Civilization and Railroad Tycoon. Now he runs his own Ensemble Studios and has developed the Age of Empires game series.

Carole Shelley, though English born, has spent almost her entire career in the American theater, primarily on Broadway.

Chris Shelley, an engineer by training, ran a UK automotive technology company in the 1990's and is now President of Invenys Asia/Pacific, based in Singapore.

Dan Shelley has been involved in Texas politics as a lobbyist and a former House member.

David Shelley is a singer/songwriter from California who plays a poweful blues rock guitar.

Devin Shelley, chief creative officer of Sorceron, has won Academy awards for his computer imaging.

Helen Shelley is an emerging young Australian artist.

Howard Shelley is an accomplished British pianist and conductor. He is known for having recorded every piano piece by Rachmaninov.

Janet Shelley is founder of Women's Builders Ltd, a UK construction company.

Jim Shelley, a British television critic, has written an influential Daily Mirror column each Tuesday called Shelleyvision.

Jim Shelley, who hails from Thetford in Suffolk, has been one of the best UK carp fishermen over the past decade. He has written books on his craft.

Jim Shelley (who grew up in St. Louis) is President of the US telecommunications company Ameritech.

John Shelley from Birmingham was fascinated by Japanese art and moved to Tokyo in the late 1980's to pursue his career as an illustrator.

Johnny Shelley runs a tobacco farm in Nichols, South Carolina.

Ken Shelley and JoJo Starbucks were three-time US ice skating pairs champions.

Dr. Louise Shelley is a leading expert on transnational crime and terrorism. She is professor at the School of International Service and at the Department of Justice, Law and Society at the American University.

Maureen Shelley is the convenor for the Australian Classification Review Board.

Michael Shelley graduated from the NYC club scene as a rock performer with the Cheeky Monkey.

Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelley is a leading figure in Bangladesh, as an academic, writer, and, also for a time, as a government minister.

N. Shelley establshed a womenswear shop in Billericay, Essex in 1924.  A third generation of Shelleys now runs the store on the High Street.

Norman Shelley is a whisky connoisseur. He runs a wine and spirits distribution business in Istanbul.

Pete Shelley, born Peter McNeish in Lancashire, is the lead singer and songwriter of the Buzzcocks, one of the first generation of punk rock groups.

Pete Shelley, based in Staffordshire, is a master of marquetry and straw crafts.

Peter Shelley from Stoke was three times UK billiards champion and is chairman of the English Amateur Billiards Association.

Rachel Shelley is an up-and-coming UK actress.

Reuben Shelley is mayor of Headland, Alabama.

Rex Shelley is a Singapore-based novelist and writer.

Steve Shelley started washing planes at Sydney airport and is now managing director of the Australian company Aero-Care.

Steven Shelley is pastor of the New Hope Revival Ministry in South Station, Alabama.

Terrell Shelley is a fourth generation cattle rancher in southern New Mexico.

Thomas Shelley is a professor of historical theology at Fordham University and the author of numerous works about the church in New York.

Dr. Walter Shelley, a professor emeritus at the Medical College of Ohio, has been one of the foremost dermatologists of the twentieth century.

And here is a list of some noted Shelleys of the past: 

Adolphus Shelley from the Shelley family in Sussex was the first Hong Kong director of audit after the colony became British in 1840.  There is a Shelley Street today in Hong Kong Central.

Charles Miller Shelley was a Confederate General during the Civil War and an Alabama state politician in the years after.

Edward Shelley of Warminghurst in Sussex was tried and convicted of harboring priests and was hung on Tyburn Hill in 1588. He was beatified by the Catholic Church in 1929. 

Edward Shelley "was an adventurous soul to whom civilization was just something to be endured while he was in it and he speedily escaped."  He resigned the British army for a life of exploration.  His adventures, primarily in Africa, are recounted in the book, Edward Shelley's Journal 1856-61: A Victorian Remittance Man.

Edward Shelley was one of the young men who were seduced by Oscar Wilde and testified at his trial in 1895. 

Frances Lady Shelley wrote diaries of her meetings with luminaries of her day which were published later in the nineteenth century.

George Shelley was one of the masters of English penmanship in the early eighteenth century.  His style is still used in fonts today.

Giles Shelley, the son of a sea captain from Gravesend in Kent, was a freebooting privateer who narrowly escaped hanging in 1698 after suspected complicity with the pirate Captain Kidd. He settled in New York as a wealthy and respected merchant.

Henry Shelley, who was shipwrecked on the Sea Venture off Bermuda in 1609, left his name to one of the beaches there.

Imanata Shelley, the young wife of William Shelley from Montana, was one of the lucky survivors of the Titanic disaster in 1912.

Jack Shelley was a war correspondent in the latter days of World War 2, covering the dropping of the atomic bamb and the Japanese surrender.  He was a nephew of the Iowa heroine Kate Shelley.

Jack Shelley, of working class Irish roots, was the mayor of San Francisco during the turbulent 1960's.

Sir James Shelley, an educationalist from Coventry, moved to New Zealand to become the Director of Broadcasting there in the 1940's.

JD Shelley and his family migrated north from Mississippi to St. Louis in the 1930's and encountered racial segregation there. The 1948 US Supreme Court decision in Shelley vs. Kramer became one of the landmark civil rights rulings.

John Shelley established the Shelleys as landed gentry in Sussex with his marriage to Elizabeth Michelgrove in 1474.

John Shelley, who arrived in Virginia in 1624, was one of the first English settlers there.

John Francis Shelley was granted land in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1881.  His name lives on in Shelley Lake, a 50 acre recreational park which was formed from part of this estate.

Kate Shelley, an immigrant from Ireland, was the young heroine in 1881 who, by her efforts, saved lives in Iowa after the Honey Creek bridge had collapsed.

Norman Shelley was an English actor, best known for his work in radio. There were rumors that he impersonated Winston Churchill in some of his radio broadcasts during World War Two.

Percy Shelley reinvigorated Shelley Potteries in Stoke in the early part of the twentieth century. He built his own grinding mill for cattle bone and helped establish the firm's worldwide reputation.

Percy Bysshe Shelley, born into gentry in East Sussex, is one of the best-known English Romantic poets. He died young when his boat capsized off Italy in 1822. His wife Mary Shelley (nee Godwin) wrote Frankenstein.

Randle Shelley founded Shelley Potteries in Stoke in 1748.

Rebecca Shelley was a prominent English pacifist during World War One.

Sir Richard Shelley, a staunch Catholic from the Shelley Michelgrove branch, was active in several plots against Queen Elizabeth during the 1560's. He was a knight of St. John and the last English Grand Prior. His nephew, William Shelley, was convicted of high treason in 1586.

WC Shelley set up Shelley's Bakeries in Vancouver in the early 1900's and made his fortune from his famous 4x bread. The bread was so-called because he had forty "something" dollars to his name when he started his business.

Widow Shelley of Loughton in Essex was one of the victims of the highwayman Dick Turpin in 1735 (according to newspaper reports of the time).

William Shelley was a missionary from Hanley in Staffordshire who sailed to Australia in 1800. His school for Aboriginal children has now been described as Shelley's mistake.

William H. Shelley, born on Shelley's Island in the Susquehanna river, established one of the first records of Mennonite sites in Pennsylvania.